We bridge cultural gaps.

We are Peers Bridge. We help newcomers adapt to their new life in Sweden. But we don't do it just by telling them facts. We do it by digging deep into norms and values, all in order to help understand the hows and whys of Swedish culture.

What we offer


Our courses cover the unspoken norms and codes of Swedish culture seen in society and the workplace.


Our workshops are interactive, thought-provoking and fun! We tackle learning with a hands-on approach


We love to talk about culture - So why not invite us to your next event to share some stories?


We facilitate intercultural activities which you can use at events, kick-off days or during regular work.

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What are people

saying about us?

"Swedish Corporate Culture is a project that is cultural innovative and contributes to the sustainable development of society in Helsingborg. It was a project that was much needed in the city and that has never been done before."


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