5 Things You Didn’t Know Are Swedish

We go on about with our daily lives, using this and that, but we don’t really put thought into who invented what we’re using or where it was invented.

We’re about to introduce you to 5 things you use frequently and which you probably did NOT know are Swedish inventions!

Ready? Let’s go!

1. The three-point seat belt

It has become a habit of ours to buckle up our seat belts once we get in a car. But when did seat belts become a thing? It’s only in 1959 that Nils Bohlin invented the famous three-point seat belt for Volvo. It is now considered one of the most important safety inventions and is believed to save a life every 6 seconds.

2. Safety matches

We’re all familiar with matches. But they were not always the matches that we know today, they were often viewed as dangerous. Until 1844, when Gustaf Erik Pasch replaced the poisonous yellow phosphorus with non-toxic red phosphorus and moved the flammable phosphorus to the side of the matchbox. This made matches much safer for use.

3. Tetra paks

Can you picture your life without tetra paks? How would you store liquids like milk and juice, or even creams? In 1951, Erik Wallenberg invented tetra paks, which served as a solution to the process of storing and distributing liquids. To this day, tetra paks are one of Sweden’s greatest inventions.

4. The Global Positioning System (GPS)

Today, we don’t have to go around carrying a map on us and learn to read its directions to get to places. We don’t even need someone to give us directions or get lost and look for someone who might direct us back on our path. And that’s thanks to the GPS we all HEAVILY depend on every day. The Swedish Håkan Lans is behind the invention of the famous GPS, which is now installed in our cars, phones, shipping methods, and aviation.

5. The zipper

Yes, we’re referring to the zipper on your jeans, in your jacket, and on your bag! You use zippers here and there. But did you know that zippers were invented in 1913 by Gideon Sundbäck? It was then redesigned to feature the interlocking teeth that are pulled together or apart by a slider.