Match-IT Course Kick-off With Companies & Peers Bridge

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Peers Bridge implemented the Swedish Work Environment (SWE) course with Match IT in November 2019. Match IT is an intensive programming course for newcomers which is financed by ESF and run by Region Skåne - Utveckling och Innovation, Ideon Science Park, Lund University, Region Blekinge and the Blekinge Institute of Technology.  

The course apart from programming also includes components of the Swedish language and workplace culture, of which the latter was facilitated by Peers Bridge in collaboration with Charlotte Simonsson, a senior lecturer at Lund University.  The programme also includes a 10-week long internship which will kick start in March 2020, before which a kick-off was organised at Ideon Science Park on 12th February 2020. The day-long event saw the participation of companies which will take on the interns and the Match IT students. 

Peers Bridge conducted activities and games to emphasise on intercultural communication which all present - Match IT staff, companies and the participants.