Helsingborg Business Forum Online # 2 - What is Action Helsingborg?

The Corona pandemic is teaching us that many things are out of our control, however, it has also shown us that there are opportunities to do things a little differently. In the spirit of doing things differently, Helsingborg Business Forum Online welcomed Simon Wikstrand, Head of Marketing, Helsingborgs Stad to introduce Action Helsingborg.

Action Helsingborg is a new initiative linking businesses and citizens with the municipality to innovate new ways of supporting local businesses during these uncertain times.

Action Helsingborg was born out of a need to respond quickly to the needs of the local business community and mitigate the impact of Corona on local livelihoods. It is a platform unique to Helsingborg and was up and running in just a matter of days! Entrepreneurs, businesses, and local people are all able to apply for funds and turn their ideas to support local business.

Essentially there are three elements of Action Helsingborg:

Näringslivsfonden corona: Support the local business community with an idea

As an individual or a start-up, you can find information on how to turn an idea to support the local business community into a funded project. You can apply for up to SEK 50,000 as well. The criteria for applying for funds are simple – it needs to be an idea that can help local businesses or the community and is possibly scalable.

Business to Business support: This element is for businesses that would like to support other businesses. This can include sharing ideas, skills, and resources including advice or expert knowledge. Have a way to support other businesses? Send them a tip!

New ways of funding: This space is for testing and developing new funding mechanisms to support local businesses. So far, ideas have included crowdfunding, pre-buying services that can be redeemed later or funding new equipment which can help the business operate in new ways.

Action Helsingborg is still an evolving and growing initiative, it needs your help to provide feedback and testing. The municipality is relying on input from local citizens and residents about what works and what could be improved upon so that they can continue to support in times of need. While sharing Action’s journey during our event, Simon shared “The municipality is not just a place of policies and procedures but a platform to spread knowledge and share ideas.”

The future of Action Helsingborg is unknown, but the power of collaboration and spreading knowledge knows no bounds! This space is open for the people to engage with and contribute towards, with your ideas and expertise. There are no ideas that are too big or too small, the important thing is that is can help others. The advice we want to leave you with is, tell Action Helsingborg what you want and get involved!

Are you still feeling confused about whether your idea could qualify for funding or what you can do to help? Get in touch! There are resources and experts on hand to help you get your project off the ground. More information can be found at: www.action.helsingborg.se

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