Do not look for a job - Shift your focus

This might sound like strange advice. But shifting your focus from finding a job to an internship will increase your chances of obtaining a job in Sweden by 70%. It is for this reason you might come across multiple initiatives focusing on offering internship opportunities for newcomers as a fast way to enter the labour market. According to statistics, it takes an average of four months for a newcomer to obtain a paid full-time job after obtaining an internship. Many benefits come with an internship for a newcomer:

  • You get the chance to show your potential.

  • You gain Swedish experience and confidence.

  • You grow your professional network.

  • You experience Swedish work culture.

So how do you find an internship? There are many programs available all around Sweden. Of course, the internet is a very resourceful place to search for a program that is available in your city. You may also use your local network to find one. You can send a spontaneous letter asking for an internship to any organisation or company that interests you. In some cases, you might need to be a little proactive and do cold calls and follow-up calls.

Here are some tips on how to make most of your internship:

  • Search for an internship within your expertise and field of interest.

  • Accept a position under your qualification delightedly.

  • Aim for a 3-6 months internship.

  • Do not be obsessed about being employed during your internship.

Usually, employers will express their interest to employ you during the last few weeks of your internship. You may also express yours if you wish to continue working. If the internship has ended without employment, you still have a better chance to obtain a job than before.

Share with us in the comments any internship programs you might know, other tips and comments regarding internships in Sweden.


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