Lead like a Swede

Updated: May 25, 2021

Coming from different backgrounds, the Swedish leadership style can seem a whole lot different than what you’re used to. If you’re wondering what could be the cause of this vast contrast between how Swedes lead and how others do it, read on, we have a lot to tell you!

If you thought “lagom” (which means doing things in moderation) couldn’t be any more integrated into the Swedish lifestyle, we’re here to tell you that it even affects the way that Swedes lead in many aspects.


Trust is an important factor in Swedish society in general and in Swedish leadership in specific. A Swedish leader typically trusts their people to do their jobs well; they don’t need to go around checking, then double-checking, and sending reminders all the time, as they believe you will do your job and you’ll do it right.

In addition to that, Swedish leadership is about believing in both the individual and the collective. Swedes are all about collective growth and development, and this is also reflected through their leadership style and their teams. For example, a decision is never simply made by the leader themselves and communicated to others; instead, this process is done collaboratively, and everyone is expected to have an opinion that must be taken to account when making the final decision.

This brings us to the flat hierarchy. In Sweden, you don’t need to be the boss; you just need to be responsible and do your job well and in line with the plan. So put all the titles aside, and let’s get to work!

Finally, what makes Swedish leadership the way it is, is Swede’s openness to new ideas and to self-criticism. They are always looking for opportunities for growth and development. Fascinating, isn’t it?!

That was a sneak peek into the Swedish lagom leadership. If you’re curious about how it affects the workplace, our course, The Swedish Work Environment: Expats’ Guide, is a must and will help you better understand and integrate with the Swedish workplace.

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