Step by Step Guide to Get Hired in Sweden

Swedish employers look for people who fit their company culture. As a result, many will state on their website what they are looking for in a candidate. Often, they won’t be talking about skills or experience. What they will mention instead, is values.

Like businesses everywhere, Swedish employers want to find a candidate that will value the things that they find important. We’re about to walk you through some tips that’ll help you find out what that is and how you can use the information to get hired.

Tip 1: Finding the Core Values:

Companies that are big enough to have their own website will usually have their core values posted somewhere easy to find. You might find it in the careers section of the company page. If not there, it could also be under the heading of “about us” or “mission statement.”

Every company will ultimately be a little bit different, of course, but spend some time poking around. It will be well worth it in the end!

Tip 2: You May Have to Generalise

Unfortunately, not all Swedish companies will have a published core value. This can make it a bit harder to find out what they view as important. While you can’t read the company’s mind, it will at least help to present yourself as someone consistent with broader Swedish values as a whole.

The pillars of Swedish society are trust, time, and equality. Presenting yourself as someone who will bring these qualities with you in the workplace should help you get hired wherever you apply.

Tip 3: Be Honest

Of course, lying is never good. If you don’t find that the values you’ve identified on the website are present in you, it’s probably best to avoid applying to the company. Even if you did get the job, it might not work out well because you just aren’t compatible with what they are looking for.

You will ultimately be much happier if you find a workplace that is more closely aligned with your personality.

Tip 4: Use The Information

Once you have the information, it’s time to use it. Craft your application carefully to be sure that it presents you as someone who is aligned with the company values. Your cover letter is a great place to explain who you are and what you find important.

Tip 5: Show Your Values in the Interview

Once you get the interview, it’s important to continue demonstrating your commitment to Swedish values. Try to answer all questions honestly, but also in a way that reflects what you think the employer values.

Of course, you don’t want to brag. Modesty is another very important Swedish value, so be sure to practice moderation, even as you describe what you find important. If you can put values at the centre of your job hunting process, you should find not only that it improves your chances, but also that it connects you with a workplace that you will really enjoy.

Those tips are just a taste of what you need to know and prepare to get hired in Sweden.

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