Swedes & Alcohol!

In Sweden, It's not acceptable to drink in weekdays and before workdays (Monday to Thursday and Sundays)

Whereas, it's totally fine to drink as much as you want on Fridays or Saturdays!!

In 1919, Swedes were given an alcohol ration book which controlled alcohol purchase each month by marking it every time they went to the liquor store.

But In 1955, the public protests forced the system to stop it!

However, the monopoly on alcohol stayed.

All alcoholic drinks with an alcohol content higher than 3.5 % must be sold in a “Systembolaget,” a state-owned liquor store.

Systembolaget Aktiebolag (Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly) still exist today to help control alcohol consumption which actually begun to decline in recent years.

18-year-olds Swedes are allowed to have alcohol at a restaurant but not in Systembologet, this way they are obligated to drink more responsibly, as they can have alcohol when they are out, so they won’t need to binge drink before going out.

In Sweden, Bartenders are trained to know when to stop serving a customer if he/she is drunk.